Technical Training

"Truly educational. Mike Amundsen was a wonderful teacher."

Available Technical Training

Upskill your software developers and architects with hands-on, focused training for Microservices and APIs with focused and effiective training courses. Onsite courses run from one to three days and include slides, table-top assignments, and group exercises.

Currently available courses include:

Designing and Building APIs

    • How to apply "design thinking" to your APIs
    • Using the four-step API Design Process
    • How to reduce risk with the three stages of API Implementation
    • How to automate a safe/speedy test, build, and deploy pipeline

Implementing Microservices

    • Why/When to use Microservices
    • Applying the three basic types of MS component models
    • Dealing with Data for Microservices
    • Ensuring low-cost, reliable interoperability for your Microservices

Architecting your API Platform

    • Harnessing the power of an API Landscape
    • How to build a stable, effective API Governance model
    • The tools you'll need to monitor and manage your API Landscape
    • How to manage change over time for your API Landscape

Continuous API Management

    • How to apply the "API-as-a-Product" (AaaP) strategy
    • Applying the Ten Pillars of building APIs
    • Understanding the API Maturity Lifecycle
    • Identifying the essential teams/roles for a successful API program
    • Meeting the challenge of a growing ecosystem with the Eight Vs