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Microservices :: Migration :: Innovation

Moving to Microservices

Mike Amundsen, Director of API Architecture for the API Academy at CA Technologies, explains to John Biggs, Tech Journalist, how microservices enable autonomy for software developers. Microservices are independent and autonomous bits of software that are changing the way companies of all sizes create apps. Amundsen explains that microservice architecture can speed the rate at which developers are able to incorporate feedback into their work and turn ideas into reality.


A Migration Roadmap

So you’re convinced that adding microservices to your IT organization’s offerings is a good idea. But how do you get there? What does it take to move from monolithic releases to microservice releases and how can you do this in a way that doesn’t disrupt your current business?

In this summary clip of his talk, Mike Amundsen — noted author, speaker, and software architect — describes the STAR (Stabilize, Transform, Add, and Repeat) method for safely and effectively migrating your existing IT infrastructure to a microservice platform. All without interrupting your current IT services.

Fostering Innovation

What is an Innovation Platform and what does it take to create one within your organization? What does innovation even look like? What tools and processes should be in place in order to foster innovation? How can you convert innovative projects into production-level contributions within your company?

Let’s look at some examples and explore the work of "introducing new things and ideas into your organization."