Transformation Training

"Presentation was no-nonsense. Almost every example had immediate applicability."

Transformation & Migration

Map out your company's digital transformation strategy and put it into action with proven patterns and processes. Onsite courses run from one to three days and include slides, table-top assignments, and group exercises.

Currently available courses include:

API Migration Roadmap

  • How to identify good candidate projects for migration
  • The three essential patterns for successful transformation
  • How to apply the "Stablize-Transform-Add-Repeat" (STAR) process
  • Tracking and monitoring your migration projects

Transforming your Services Platform

  • The challenges and benefits of Microservices
  • How to move from project-centric to product-centric
  • The keys to managing your Services Landscape
  • The role of teams and culture in your platform success

Governance for Distributed IT

  • Identifying governance challenges
  • Understanding the five stages of decision-making
  • How to successfull distribute decision-making
  • Setting (and resetting) governance goals

Architecting for Continuous Improvement

  • What is CI for architecture?
  • Focusing on principles instead of maturity models
  • Establishing your improvement cycles
  • Rewarding change